The New York State Education Department in partnership with the College Board has signed a three-year agreement for a program focused on  Professional Development for Advanced Coursework in STEM.  This rigorous training will provide 7th-12th grade math and science teachers with advanced pedagogical skills to increase student learning and academic achievement in the STEM content areas.

The program will include 1,500 teachers and commences with 5-day Institutes in math and science which will focus on aligned curriculum through vertical teaming. Training opportunities will be ongoing for the duration of the program with blended face-to-face and online professional development through August 31, 2014.

All the workshops are free, and participation will enhance teachers’ knowledge, skills, and ability to prepare students for college and careers. Any travel expenses incurred for attending the workshops will be the responsibility of the district or the individual. Participation will promote a rigorous, academic- focused culture for Schools in Improvement Status.



24 responses

  1. As an adjunct college teacher of pre-service math and science teachers, I am interested in the training. Is it available for higher ed. teachers who teach pre- service teachers?

  2. Unfortunately, no. The training is for NY teachers of grades 7-12 that are in a district that has a school on the Needs Improvement list for 2009-2010 or 2010-2011 school years.

  3. Is is necessary to attend all five days or can I attend few days out of the five?

  4. This workshop was created as a five day session. If you are planning on registering, you are agreeing to complete the 70 hours of PD by August 31, 2014. This workshop would help you complete 30 hours of the 70 required and would give you 3 CEUs. You would then be required to fullfill the remaining 40 hours by attending future NY STEM PD face-to-face training oportunities and by completing one or more of the online courses offered in year three of the program.

  5. Will you be offering this workshop again? Does this one have to end first? I am interested but it already began..

  6. We are looking at the possibility of offering the same five-day workshops in the NYC area in August. If there is enough interest, we would get the word out.

  7. Why is this professional development not open to Technology Education teachers? Is it assumed we are already proficient at stem and don’t need the extra training?

  8. This PD is open to all STEM teachers, including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math teachers, that teach 7-12th grades within a district that was on the Improvement Needed Lists for 2009-2010, 2010-2011, and 2011-2012.

  9. I participated in the three days pd, last week. I learned so much, that I want to participate In more pd. when are the next PD?

  10. Great News> I am looking forward to Cohort two as I have learned so much in every workshop.

  11. We will be emailing report cards to you and your principals from through mid October, providing a calendar of upcoming training opportunities.

  12. Re: May 17 response… wonderful, and I humbly suggest that this detail be in the first paragraph of the description.

  13. Computer science teachers should be included in this initiative. While some may argue the “T” for Technology includes computer science, many forget to actually note it and thus computer science teachers are often left out of these types of opportunities.

  14. I find these sessions to be very good. I learn a lot each time i attend. However, I notice that the sessions during the school year are being taken out of the bank of days (i.e. sick days, personal days) allowed for the year. Is this supposed to happen?

  15. Computer science teachers were included in this program as long as they signed up for it.

  16. The College Board cannot determine how your schools handle your absences from class. That decision is up to each individual school or district.

  17. Have registered for the online courses but still can’t seem to figure out how to choose the course and log into it. I continue to be guided back to the registration page which I have already completed. Could someone shed some light on my ridiculous situation. Thank You.

  18. Since you are already registered, just go to http://cb.kdsi.org/ and login. Once you login, you will have access to ALL of the courses. If you forgot/lost your password, click Forgot your password? to have the password emailed to you.

  19. Looking for more Online PD’s…how do I put them into my class online?

  20. The only courses available to the NY STEM PD Program participants are those already in your e-classroom index. There will be a few others added but you cannot add courses to your e-classroom.

  21. I am interested in participating in these workshops and courses. How do I become a participant in these PDs?

  22. How can I become a part of this program and join a cohort?

  23. The contract with NYSED is nearing the end so we are not accepting any new participants into the program nor offering any more Year 1 or Year 2 make-up sessions.

  24. Unfortunately, the contract with NYSED is nearing the end so we are not starting any new cohorts, accepting any new participants into the program, nor offering any more Year 1 or Year 2 make-up sessions.

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