Frequently Asked Questions:  Professional Development for Advanced Coursework in STEM     

1.  Who is eligible to apply to the Professional Development for Advanced Coursework in STEM during the 2012-2013 school year? Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math teachers can apply as part of Cohort 2, the second round of training, if they have not attended one of the 2012 STEM Summer Institutes.  They must also teach in a public school district in Grades 7-12 in Accountability Status (Improvement Status) in either 2009-2010, 2010-2011, or 2011-2012.

 2. Do teachers who attended the first round of training, a 2012 STEM Summer Institute,  need to apply again? NO. These teachers are part of Cohort 1, the first round of STEM training and are already participating in the programThey will receive direct communication about their continued professional development in the STEM Program.

3. Who is providing the training? The College Board 

4. Who does the training? College Board endorsed and trained consultants

5. What content will be covered in this program for Cohort 2? This interactive, in-depth workshop gives you the tools to build or strengthen a Vertical Team, which will help you align curriculum across grades seven through twelve to rigorous standards for increasing student learning and academic achievement. In addition, you will learn and implement research-based instructional strategies to foster inquiry and reasoning in your students. You will emerge from this workshop with model lessons, an aligned set of learning progressions, and a practical action plan for your Vertical Team in order to prepare your students for success in college-level courses.

6. Where will the training take place? For teachers in Cohort 2 who apply to the program during the 2012-2013 school year, the training will take place in NYC and Long Island.  The sites are to be determined and will be communicated as soon as the sites are confirmed.

7. When will the training take place for Cohort 2? February 18-22 and March 25-29. Each participant will attend one 30-hour week session over five days.

8. Will there be a stipend paid? Check with your District to see if they will pay a stipend

9. What happens after the STEM Institute? Is there any classroom coaching? Yes, there will be face-to-face and online mentoring, coaching, and virtual conferences. In both years two and three, there will be 20 hours of PD for participating teachers.

10. Could you please inform me of the starting/ending time of each session? 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM; however, we ask that you arrive at 8:00 AM to register and enjoy a complimentary breakfast.

11. Are graduate credits being offered? Graduate credits are not being offered.

12. Are Continuing Education Units (CEUs) being offered?  Yes, a total of 70 hours of training will be available to participating teachers which will give them 7 CEUs. The College Board is an authorized provider of CEUs through accreditation with IACET.

13. Are in-service credits being offered? You would need to work with your District leadership to determine whether or not they would offer in-service credits for the CEUs.

14. We are a grades 3-5 school. Will it benefit my science teacher to apply? This training is specifically for grades 7-12

15. Is the focus mostly on AP classes or will the work be applicable to middle school grades? The training is specifically for educators teaching  students at any ability level in grades 7 – 12, so these teachers are encouraged to apply as long as their school is on the “Improvement Status List” from either 2009-2010 or 2010-2011.

16. Is there a financial compensation for the school? If so, how much? The school will receive free professional development for the participating teacher. There is no other financial compensation for the school.

17. Will the award be one of professional development? If so, who will be providing that support? The College Board will continue to provide support via face-to-face and on-line mentoring, coaching, and virtual conferences.

18. How many teachers can apply from one school building? There is no limit to the number of STEM teachers that can attend per school. Since the focus of the first training is on vertical teaming, it is most effective to have a team of teachers from grades 7-12 attend together.

19. If a teacher is approved for the workshop and then decides that, for any reason, they can’t attend, should they contact The College Board? We do ask that if any of the teachers are approved to attend the workshop and then decide, for any reason, not to attend, they contact us as soon as possible so we may offer the opening to another teacher who wants to attend the workshop.

20. Are the teachers responsible for their own lunches during training sessions? Continental breakfasts and lunches will be provided, free of charge, to the teachers. The meals are typically catered from Panera. All workshop materials are also included in the sessions.

21. Who would be paying travel expenses for the face to face portion of the training? The College Board will be paying for the training, materials, breakfast and lunch for the week of the face to face training. There will be no overnight stays. Districts or the participants would pay the travel expenses.  Stipends and reimbursement for travel expenses would depend on the district.

22. What is the time commitment? 5-days for February or March 2013 or 30 hours; for stages two and three you will receive 20 hours of training for each step, ending in August 2014.

23. Are teachers in other content areas eligible to participate in the program? The goal of this PD program is to expand the capacity of secondary teachers (7-12) in high-needs schools and districts to prepare students for college-level studies and careers in science, mathematics, technology and engineering fields.

24. Are BOCES or equivalent teachers eligible to participate? BOCES or equivalent (such as Educational Partnership Organizations–EPOs) staff members would be eligible to participate in the workshops if they were part of a team of eligible teachers in a region. In other words, the Science or Mathematics specialist could go, space permitting, along with several Science or Mathematics teachers from eligible districts. That way the BOCES or EPO personnel would be in addition, not instead of teachers, increasing the value and the turn key possibilities of the training.



16 responses

  1. Will the summer portion of training interfere with teaching summer school? Do the 70 hours go toward P-credits for 30 above?

  2. The summer dates are scheduled for June 26-28 and August 26-28. The 70 hours count toward Continuing Ed credits through IACET; you would need to check with the vendor that provides P credits to see if the hours would count.

  3. For upstate NY Schools this is not really a Free opportunity. The training may be free but if I sent a group of teachers the travel costs and overnight expenses would be exhorbanant. When cohort 1 was announced I voiced my displeasure. It is to bad that nothing could be amended for the next cohort. Perhaps when all of downstate is finished benefitting from this Free resourse you can look to improve the rest of the state.

  4. We are offering the four-day workshops in Rochester from March 25-28, 2013, for anyone that missed the first round last summer. There will also be face-to-face three-day workshops in Malone, East Syracuse, and Spencerport from June 26-28, 2013, and in the Buffalo/Rochester area from August 26-28, 2013. Online courses will be offered beginning in September, as well, to assist teachers in getting additiolnal training and their remaining hours.

  5. Emanuela Sullivan

    Good afternoon.
    When do they January online courses begin? I have completed two of the previous online courses.I am in year 3 and would like to continue the courses.
    Thank you.
    Emanuela Sullivan

  6. The first online course was released in November; the second was just released this month. As long as all goes well, the courses will continue to be released through April of this year.

  7. Emanuela Sullivan

    Thank you.

  8. Emanuela Sullivan

    I am unable to register for the January online courses. There is an error messgae stating that multiple submissions are not allowed. Please advise.
    Thank you.
    Hva a nice evening.

  9. You need only register once for the on-line courses. Once you register, you will have access to all of the NY STEM PD on-line courses available through the program. You are only required to complete eight hours of on-line instruction but you can complete as many courses as you’d like.

  10. Emanuela Sullivan

    Thank you.

  11. I’m unsure how to continue with my course offerings. I registered for a course that is not for me as a middle school teacher. How can I unregister and register for a middle school course offering.

  12. As a participant in the NYSTEM program, you will be granted access to all offered online professional development courses accessible from the KDS e-Classroom. There is no need to “drop” courses that are not in your academic discipline. Just disregard courses for which you have no interest. You will be notified when new courses are released and have the opportunity to participate in as many hours beyond the required minimum eight online seat/clock hours, as you wish. Please note you only receive credit hours for courses you complete.

  13. Joanne Delisio

    When will the March online offerings be available?

  14. The March dates were “anticipated release dates”. Unfortunately, we’re behind schedule but will get the courses out as soon as possible.

  15. Just finished all face-to -face training and wanted to know how do I get the access to my CEUs for this program?

  16. We are in the midst of creating CEU certificates for all the participating teachers and will email them to the teachers and their principals once we have completed them all. Thank you for your patience.

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